so that you can make a photo book in less time this fall

Book This Project helps creative moms who document their everyday finally print their photos in a photo book.

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Print your photos this fall.

If you struggle to finish a photo book, I want to help you:

  • organize your photo library
  • select photos with ease
  • design a book in less time

How will you print your photos?

Do you love the idea of an annual photo book yet never find the time to make one?

In this actionable workshop, I’ll show you the exact steps you need to finally document your year In One Hundred Pages.

Somehow, someway, Stacey will teach and even better, motivate, you to get your book project DONE!


Jessica Thomason


Stacey made designing the book fun and easy.


Maibritt Olsen


You’re capturing your family’s everyday moments – thousands of fleeting moments. At the end of the year, you have over 10,000 precious photos yet they only exist on your external hard drive, your blog, or Facebook. I’m here to change that!

I’m Stacey Wiseman and my mission is to make it easier for you to print your photos in a modern, curated photo book. Instead of cramming all of your photos on pages, I’ll show you how to craft a vision, select intentional photos and design layouts that showcase your photos.

Trained as an architect, I love a simple and sophisticated design with crafted details. Whether I’m teaching my process or designing a photo book for you, my goal is to inspire you to print your photos.


Photo Library Bootcamp

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It's time to organize your library so you can make a photo book in less time this fall.

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