Take your photos from computer to photo book.

Learn how to transform your photos into an editorial photo book with intention.


Transform your photos in a beautiful photo book.


Use the Artifact Uprising software to design a book of your favorite photographs.


Discover how to make the most of Blurb’s free software programs.


For ultimate creative control, learn how to fully utilize Adobe InDesign.


3 weeks

2-4 hours a week


No prerequisites

Self-Study Only

You’ve captured your family’s everyday moments all year long. You’ve worked hard to document the precious events that define your life. Please, please, please – don’t let those photos remain on your hard drive. I’m here to tell you: Designing a photo book is possible. I will show you how to:

  • organize your photos in iPhoto, Lightroom or Bridge,
  • select the perfect photos with intention, and
  • design pages more efficiently.

All completed In One Hundred Pages. Oh, and in less than 30 days!


5 weeks

4-5 hours a week


Lightroom Recommended

Self-Study and Mentorship Options

Right now, you’re sitting with thousands of photos stuck on your hard drive. You know you should be printing your photos but the thought of making a photo book creates huge anxiety. What company do I use? How do I select from my thousands of photos? What’s the best way to export my photos? Is there a way to avoid the standard layouts? How can I create an organized and sophisticated photo book? I created my Photo Book Design Workshop for those who love to document their family’s everyday moments.

There’s a better – more creative – way to print your photos.

With the Photo Book Design Workshop:

  • You’ll develop a clear vision for your photo book.
  • You’ll know how to strategically select photos that are best for your book.
  • You’ll be able to ditch the standard layouts and customize the design to fit your vision.
  • You’ll use fonts and colors to make a professional photo book.


6 weeks

4-6 hours a week


Adobe Creative Cloud Required

Personal Mentorship

Have you made a couple of photo books but are starting to feel limited by the design capabilities? Or perhaps you want to accomplish more with your photo books than the free design programs provide?

Then Adobe InDesign is for you!

I primarily use InDesign for my photo books. I find it liberating and efficient at the same time. I can accomplish my photo book vision with very few steps because I know how to set up a file that does most of the work for me. I’m sharing my typical book design workflow and experience in a one of a kind workshop + mentorship experience.

Student Gallery

Curated design with your photos.

Numerous students have taken my workshops and transformed their photos into beautiful photo book layouts. Check out how they’ve translate my lessons with their own photos.